You Can Take the Girl out of Texas, but …

A blog! I need a blog! This thought has been keeping me up nights for quite a while, so finally, here it goes …

Texas cowI’m pleased to announce I’ll be blogging here regularly (I hope) about my writing and family life, my adventures in the Colorado mountains, and mostly,┬ámy musings on what makes Texas so crazy and yet so special. Hint: It has everything to do with hard-livin’, hell-raisin’, big-hearted people. And maybe cows.

The big news today on the writing front is that the paperback release of Blue Straggler is scheduled for mid-February now, and readers can even pre-order the book now via Barnes and Noble. I can’t wait to hold a proof in my hands soon. And my husband BETTER take me out to dinner. I’m talking steak and vodka, baby.

I’m already making some calls to see if I can set up a couple of book signings down in Texas in March. Let’s face it: I love a good excuse to enjoy the spring wildflowers, especially the bluebonnets, and perhaps a margarita or two with some of my dear friends at Texas A&M. Stay tuned for updates!

For now, I’ll leave you with a phrase a colleague just told me “must be a Texas-ism.” I simply told her that my laptop crashed “like a mother dog.” And now I’m thinking that may just be a “Kathy-ism.”

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5 thoughts on “You Can Take the Girl out of Texas, but …

  1. Oh boy, did this make my mind run rampant with Texas-isms and Kathy-isms. Like “colder than a witch’s…” fill in the blank. We were probably in Kansas and you were on your way to your “living in the Colorado mountains” adventure : )

  2. Congrats! I wish I could go to all these book readings! Could we have one at the Dixie Chicken?? Looking forward to all your posts!

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