Watching a Children’s Book Come to Life

For me, working on a children’s picture book is a completely different experience than working on adult fiction — because in a picture book, my words are only half the story. The illustrations that bring the characters and setting alive are so very important.

This week, I received the complete illustrations for my (third) children’s book, Higgenbloom and the Dancing Grandmas. And I am in love with the artwork. The illustrator, Kate MacGillivary, is beyond talented. I am just in awe at her amazing creativity. She’s tweaking some things, but it’s looking like we might be able to make our planned spring ebook release. Stay tuned for more info as I have it. Grandmas (and grandkids) everywhere are gonna love this book!

For now, though, here’s another peek into the world of Higgenbloom, a very silly honeybee:


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4 thoughts on “Watching a Children’s Book Come to Life

  1. Can’t wait to get this for my three year old grandson, who lives near you in Colorado! Will it be available in hard copy?

  2. Hi! It will only be available as an ebook in 2013. If sales go well, then it has the potential of being a hard copy in 2014. Crossing fingers! Welcome to the new world order of publishing. Sigh … But it’s still gonna be awesome on the ipad, Kindle, Nook, etc., I promise!

  3. Lovely illustrations! Can’t wait to read it to Elijah while he wears his Chritsmas jammies from Aunt Kathy. Yes, he’s still wearing them in March.

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