Meanwhile, over at BathwaterBlogs …

Did you know I also blog over at the fabulous Bathwather Blogs? It’s parenting-focused, and there are some funny and smartĀ folks writing over there, all of us dealing with parenting in unique ways.

Here are some of my latest posts from that gig. Follow Bathwater Blogs on Facebook to be in the know in the future, too.

Mom, in denial

The day I didn’t give a damn

Confessions of a so-not-a-soccer-mom

Mama bear learns a lesson (again)

Traditional Thanksgiving dinner? Don’t get your feathers in a ruffle

Hope everyone is having a helluva week. It’s snowing here, but it was beautiful this weekend. Our bad dog, Trouble, agreed.

golden retriever, male


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2 thoughts on “Meanwhile, over at BathwaterBlogs …

  1. So happy to know that there is another outlet for your writing, as your posts on here have understandably been few and far between. What with damn near dying, and whatnot… Where was the Bathwater Blog when I was struggling through the days of parenthood? All I had to rely on were the smug moms in my Sunday School class who didn’t work, and didn’t get that some of us actually had to, in order to provide for our ‘little blessings.’ Wish you lived closer – our dogs and your kid could romp in my backyard in the Texas sun (around 80 degrees today!) while we sat on the porch drinking wine!

  2. Lorri – I wish we lived closer, too! I’d love to sit on the porch and drink with you any day. (Please note that 80 degrees is my limit, however.) A good friend of mine used to call our sessions on her back deck – “deck therapy.” Nothing better. And one of the best things about my blog has been connecting with soul sistas like you.

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