Fall in the Rockies = Bliss

Sometimes words just aren’t enough to express why I love Colorado and why it will be difficult for me to ever leave here and go back to Texas. Here are a few photos of the fall leaves that tell the story better than I can. These were taken just before the sun began to set in the foothills. Not as striking as mountain aspen photos that I used to be able to take outside my door at St. Mary’s Glacier, but these feed the soul, too, don’t ya think?







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4 thoughts on “Fall in the Rockies = Bliss

  1. Kathy… all I can say is WOW—fabulous shots!
    Wearing their fall colors, these foothills are just as beautiful as your mountain views. But most of all, your photographic talent continues to be outstanding. Wake up to that fact and you’ll pop right out of that writer’s block. You have such a creative eye.
    Please, please, please keep capturing the natural beauty of the land around you and publish a book of this gorgeous stuff. And just add some thoughts about how much they nourish every part of your life.
    I would buy a book like this in a heartbeat. ‘Cause just looking at these photos lifts MY spirits. But it also makes me hunger for more! So keep shooting. Lol. My lesson for today.

    • You know, Lori, I think you may be on to something … maybe this is the answer to my writer’s block. I’d have to get a better camera though – these are from my iphone! Thank you always for reading and propping me up when I need it!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Every time you send pictures, I want to move up to CO. and then I think of the cold weather for months and months and I tell myself no—-I am like a wild animal—–don’t like to be caged!!!!

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