Colorado vs. Texas: Dog Lovers Unite

One thing I’ve found that Texans and Coloradoans have in common is dogs. Everyone I know in Texas has at least one dog and usually more (allergy-permitting). Most of my friends here in Colorado have dogs, too. It’s probably a Western thing altogether. But Colorado just might have Texas beat when it comes to dog-friendliness.

Here, people hike with their dogs, bike with their dogs, fish with their dogs, snow-shoe with their dogs, canoe with their dogs, camp with their dogs, go to concerts with their dogs, attend sporting events with their dogs.

Many companies allow you to bring your dog to work (my company did until we moved to a new office building with more rules). Dogs are welcome at many outdoor cafés and bars — even some indoor ones. Dog parks are abundant (although I am still traumatized from my last visit to one). Mountain towns, in particular, are dog-friendly. Businesses have water bowls for dogs outside their doors.

In short, dogs are not left at home much here, and that’s a good thing.

Our Sweet George Bailey

But there are some poor canine souls here who end up with Bad Owners. Our George Bailey (in furry-friend heaven far too soon) was one. He came to us from a rescue group with two broken legs. (If I could meet his previous owner, I’d likely be in jail soon.)

Our two golden retriever-mix hoodlums, I mean puppies, were the result of a Failure to Spay/Neuter.

Our puppies before they became hoodlums.

Today, my friend Judy sent me the picture and profile of another Colorado dog who needs a home after having Bad Owners.

She met Penelope at an adoption event, but couldn’t take her home because she’s highly allergic. But, like Judy, these sweet eyes called to me.

If we had just a little more room, I’d adopt her today. Of course, that would eventually end in a bitter divorce, but that’s beside the point. We simply don’t have any more room in our little log cabin.

Penelope needs a home. Can you help?

So, take a look. Read her profile right now!

And if you’re a Coloradoan with space in your home and heart, prove me right — that the people of Colorado will do anything for their dogs.

Please pass along this post to others, if you can. Judy and I are on a mission.

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