Kathy Lynn Harris, author of Blue Straggler and A Good Kind of KnowingKathy Lynn Harris was lucky enough to grow up in a ranching family in rural South Texas — surrounded by flat, dry land; mesquite trees; Larry McMurty books; and colorful, real-life characters who knew how to work hard, get their hands dirty, and drink straight whiskey on Saturday night.

She’s eaten fried rattlesnake, braised squirrel, and just about every part of a cow that’s edible, except the testicles. (A girl must have standards.) She attempted vegetarianism for two weeks in 1999, her spirit eventually broken by her dad’s barbecue sausage and her mom’s world-famous chicken-fried steak.

More than 10 years ago now, Kathy packed up her boots and left Texas to make the move to Colorado—to live out her dream of being a kick-ass, back-to-nature pioneer woman. Which sounds like she doesn’t shave her legs. But she totally does. Most of the time.

She bought a log cabin at the top of a mountain, at an elevation of 10,500 ft. above sea level, where electricity and running water are not givens, and it snows 10 months out of the year. But the trout are plentiful. The Continental Divide is right there in the backyard. The stars are so close you can almost touch them. And the closest (and nicest) neighbors are foxes, mountain lions and bears.

Kathy is the author of two Amazon bestselling novels, one of which won a national literary award in 2013. She’s also written children’s books, magazine articles, a nationally recognized online column on mountain living, short stories, essays and award-winning poetry. Her work has appeared in numerous published anthologies, as well.

Ice-cold Dr Pepper, good manners, and Texas A&M football are still part of her religion. According to Buzzfeed and Zimbio: Her celebrity lookalikes are Sandra Bullock and Catherine Zeta-Jones (in the curvy years). If she were a dog she’d be a pit bull. And her Big Bang Theory character is Penny, although her husband believes she’s really more like Sheldon. But that’s only because of her fear of germs. She does not, and never has, watched Star Trek.

Her greatest accomplishments to date include raising the world’s smartest and most beautiful little boy, marrying a handsome and funny husband who cooks up a mean taco, and adopting two untrainable golden retriever mixes who rack up so many food and vet bills she has to crowdfund them.

Be sure to check out Kathy’s blog, You can take the girl out of Texas, but …, where she writes about anything she damn well pleases.